Education is a resource, and a gateway to opportunity.
We endeavor to connect our students with the tools for the betterment of lives, families, and communities.

Cape is a family owned and operated company and that’s rare these days in our industry. The Cape companies were first formed in 1993 in our home state, the Commonwealth of Virginia. Cape was originally an acronym for Commonwealth Academy of Professional Education. Virginia is one of four states which are officially called commonwealths (the other three are Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Massachusetts).

As we expanded to offer our products across the country we decided to change the company name to Cape. In addition to our primary offices in Virginia, Cape also has offices in New York City, Philadelphia and Atlanta and we offer our educational products nationwide. We chose the lighthouse as our logo because it can be tricky and confusing navigating the mandatory requirements to obtain or renew a professional license.

The lighthouse symbolizes a shining beacon to eliminate the obstacles that lay in our student’s path to obtain and renew their license. Cape offers the highest quality education available at the best prices. We offer more choices (classroom, textbooks, online, teleconference and webinar) than any other provider.

Customer service and satisfaction has always been our #1 priority. We will never take our customers for granted and appreciate every single opportunity to serve their educational needs. Without our customers, there is no Cape. We work tirelessly to ensure we earn our customer’s current and future business. Our student’s success is our success.

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