"I wanted to be able to repay this profession everything I have learned, and being a Cape School instructor has been the perfect way to do this.  The classroom is a wonderful place to share industry knowledge. Being an instructor has allowed me to progress in my career, and help other professionals advance their knowledge.  I know of nothing more fulfilling in this field than to be an instructor for Cape School." -- Robert F., Ohio

We believe success in business begins with experienced mentors.

At Cape School we take pride in the work of our dedicated and professional Instructors. We are always looking for experienced professionals with an extensive background in their respective industry to join our team. Quality instructors are vital to successful live class experiences for our students. We seek knowledgeable insurance agents or brokers with a focus on effective communication between lecturer and students.

Cape offers a variety of topics for insurance continuing education including: Ethics, Long Term Care, Identity Theft, Insurance Law, Healthcare Insurance, Flood Insurance, Medicare updates, Automobile, Fire/Personal Property Insurance and more.

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  • Earning

    Earn extra income at competitive rates both in classroom and webinar on a schedule that works for you.

  • Flexible

    We are willing to work with you to ensure you're only scheduled on dates you are available. 

  • Live Classes
    & Webinars.

    We require expert instructors for both live classroom instruction as well as online in our live webinar classes.

  • Industry

    Meet and interact with professionals throughout your state as well as across the country. 

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    Have Questions? Call us at # 800-769-1974 or reach us by email at info@capeschool.com.